Activity mini rattle, contrast black/white

£13.95 GBP
Type: Toys

This rattle is an activity toy, particularly suitable as a child's first rattle. The size of the rattle fits well in a baby's hand. The rattle is shaped like a leaf – green on one side with black and white stripes and a baby mirror on the other. The contrasts are stimulating and help develop the brain and sense of sight. Cuddle tags and a teething ring with soft studs are attached to the leaf.

The activity rattle helps strengthen and challenge:

  • Sense of touch – when the child feels textures, softness and hardness and different materials.
  • Sense of sight – when the child sees contrasts, colours and textures.
  • Sense of taste – when the child bites or sucks on the product and notices that the different elements taste/feel different.
  • Gross and fine motor skills – as the child grasps the product and explores the different cuddle tags.
  • Sense of hearing – when the child listens to the sound of the rattle.