Organic Awuda Muslin Blanket 3-Pack - S08131

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Type: Blanket
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Organic Awuda 3-pack Muslin Blanket

Multipurpose 3-piece muslin blankets will be your saviour.

3-pack muslin covers, which you can use for multi-purpose at the beach, in the park or as a stroller cover, are made of 100% organic cotton in dimensions 80 * 70. You will always carry it with you thanks to its soft structure and quick-drying feature.

Fabric Features: 100% Organic Cotton

Package Content: 3 Pieces Blanket

Product features:

Fabric: Muslin


Pattern: Print

Product Type: Baby Blanket

Material: Organic Cotton

GOTS (CU 847565)

Washing Instructions:

* Wash it upside down.

* Wash at 30 degrees.

* Do not use bleach.

* Do not dry in the dryer.

* Iron with a warm iron