Organic Anny Poncho Bathrobe - S08483

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Organic Anny Poncho Bathrobe

Our Organic Anny Poncho Bathrobe is made from 100% organic cotton muslin, making it perfect for summer and sensitive little ones. Its soft and breathable fabric provides comfort while drying off after a bath and swim. Keep your child cozy and safe with this eco-friendly and gentle bathrobe.

Fabric Features: 100% Organic Cotton

Certification: GOTS (CU 847565)

Sleeve: Robe

Fabric: Muslin

Pattern: Printed

Product Type: Bathrobe

Our GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certificate guarantees that our Organic Baby Clothes are made from sustainable, responsible, and biological materials for your baby's sensitive skin and future.

There is no formaldehyde, azo, allergen, or carcinogen in the dyestuff used in printing.

The zippers, snaps, or metal parts found in the products are "nickel" free.

Washing Instructions:

* Wash it upside down.

* Wash at 30 degrees.

* Do not use bleach.

* Do not dry in the dryer.

* Iron with a warm iron