Zen Kitinest - S08919

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Product Name: Zen Kitinest

A little nest for your baby.
It surrounds the baby and allows him/her to sleep safely.
It is suitable for use between 0 - 6 months.


External Dimension: 85*57 CM

Inner Dimension: 35*68 CM


Lay your baby on his/her back!
Do not carry your baby with the Nest kit!
Don't leave your baby alone!
Do not use the Nest kit instead of a car seat!
Make sure you place the Nest kit on a safe, flat surface.

Fabric Features:

Outer Fabric: 100% Cotton

Intermediate Filling: 100% Polyester

Product features:

Product Type: Baby Bed

Shape: Standard

Washing Instructions:

* Wash it upside down.

* Wash at 30 degrees.

* Do not use bleach.

* Do not dry in the dryer.

* Iron with a warm iron