S97399 - Natural Sea Sponge

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PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 Piece Sea Sponge


• It is 100% natural.
•It is soft and gentle when it absorbs water.
• Cleans the baby's skin without irritating.
• It does not cause environmental pollution as it can decompose naturally.
• It is the best product you can use for your baby's skin care.


• The color of the sponge may change in long-term use.
•Do not wash with bleach, do not boil.
•Let it dry by itself, do not leave it on the radiator.
•Since the sponges are natural, their shapes may differ.
•It should be used under parental control for the safety of your babies.
Note that it can break into pieces during biting and pulling.
Never give it to your baby for play purposes.


• Our sponges, which are dry in their packaging, will regain their natural softness when wet.
• Wash with warm water before use, rinse after use and leave.
• Do not leave the sponges in an airless environment such as a bag or box while they are wet; this will cause dampness in the sponge.